Community Impact Projects

It’s about the process…

The Community and School Impact project component of the Leadership Northeast experience is meant to serve several purposes. Classmates work together to design and execute a project that fulfills a community need. In doing so, participants utilize the leadership development skills they have learn throughout the year, while making a positive impact on their community.

Although Project Advisors provide guidance, these projects are participant-driven from beginning to end. Project groups brainstorm ideas at their first meeting and then work together to see it through.

Project groups are designed to make the process challenging. Participants must work through their differences of opinion, behavior and perspectives and find a common ground. Learning how to bring people together, despite these differences, in order accomplish something extraordinary is the true definition of Leadership.

Between the Core, Junior and Impact programs, Leadership Northeast participants complete upwards of 40 projects a year, collaborating with other nonprofits, schools, government and community organizations.  After 38 years in the business, the ripple effect of these projects is vast, and the lessons learned invaluable.

Click below to see what our current classes are up to, and browse the map below for a visual of how LNE’s alumni have worked to improve their community throughout the years.

LNE Alumni Directory

Cove Commandos: Expanding the existing fishing creek at Patriots Cove for use by the local community, along with veterans, first responders, and their caregivers Patriots Cove currently serves.

The Kirby Crowd: Renovating the Martz Pavilion in Kirby Park in Northeast and creating a Northeast Area historical timeline to be displayed in front of the pavilion.

LNE Trailblazers: Collaborating with the North Branch Land Trust to add comfort stations along the first three miles of the Seven Tubs Nature Area.

Tech for Success: Working with the Salvation Army’s Kirby House in Northeast to create a safe and reliable technology space for the residents.

Friends for Adoption: This group will raise money for the adoption celebration at Luzerne County Children and Youth. The annual adoption celebration is an event that celebrates the children and the families that were adopted each year.

Bookworms: Encourage children within the community to develop a passion for reading and unlock their creativity by hosting a book drive and a book carnival to benefit local libraries.

Fueled by Food: In collaboration with the Food Dignity Project, Fueled by Food 5k plans to help provide people with healthy meals, so everyone can be fueled by food.

Running for a Cause: Supporting Brandon’s Forever Home by means of a 5k event.

Flower Power: This group will help the Pittston Area YMCA build a garden for area youths and plant a seed of compassion for the environment. The Pittston Planters Club will educate the growing community about environmental care, sustainability, and gardening skills.

Operation Duffle Bag: Helping children in foster care by gifting duffel bags filled with essential and personal items.

Raising for Ronald: Providing resources through fundraising and donations for the Ronald McDonald House to help support their mission of creating a home away from home.

Team Jared: Lifting the spirits of children with critical illnesses by donating Jared Boxes to the Janet Weis Pediatric Unit at Geisinger Wyoming Valley.

Crestwood School District

  • Formation of a club for middle school girls where they can development leadership skills, learn to work more effectively with others, enhance their communication skills, and more clearly define their passions.
  • Improve in-school service for students with mental health issues.

Dallas School District

  • Design and host a school-wide Mindfulness Day. Students will learn how to implement Mindfulness strategies and techniques, and professionals from the area will be invited to share their expertise with students.

Diocese of Scranton

  • Initiate a STREAM program at Saint Mary of Mount Carmel.

Graham Academy

  • Develop a general American Sign Language communication book for new students to utilize.

Greater Nanticoke Area School District

  • Improve and expand upon a “Family Night” initiative for parents to gain insight and access to local resources, understand the variety of agencies, resources, and services beyond what the school has to offer parents and their children.
  • Create access to artists in the community. Make it possible for students to build connections with professional artists and more thoroughly explore the world of professional art.
  • Create a structured disciplinary matrix that will help create transparency between administration, faculty, and students.

Hanover Area School District

  • Partner with local businesses to implement a hygiene program and provide basics and supplies for students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.

Hazleton Area School District

  • Develop a “buddy” program to pair 2nd grade students with students in Pre-K and Kindergarten. This will allow the older students to have the opportunity to be role models for the younger students and allow the younger students to feel more comfortable within the school.

Lake-Lehman School District

  • Expand on the existing summer food program to include more nutrition information and accessibility to food resources.

Luzerne County Head Start

  • Create a “Shared Resource Room” where teachers can swap items with other teachers. This way, teachers can work together or provide different materials for the children across the agency.

Northwest Area School District

  • Students will apply math and artistic skills to design, plan, and construct a quilt that represents Northwest Ranger Pride and subject areas.
  • Clean-up and beautification of an outdoor patio area in front of the high school. Teachers will then be able to use the completed area as an outdoor classroom, for special occasions, and/or a backdrop for school photos.

Wilkes-Barre Area School District

  • Collaborate with Wilkes-Barre CTC to build and install a handicap ramp at the entrance of the high school.
  • Initiate a safety incentive to help staff and students increase safety awareness through an influx of guest speakers.

Wyoming Area School District

  • Form a coalition that will provide technology expertise in real time to the students of Wyoming Area. Students will hear directly from the professionals regarding responsibilities and skill requirements.

Wyoming Valley West School District

  • Create a communal STEM Resource binder for any teacher in grades K-5 to use each month of the school year.
  • Create a Makerspace in the library to be used by students as the STEM program evolves, eventually to be used by all teachers in the building.

How much of an impact has Leadership Northeast had on NEPA? Take a look at our interactive Project Map to see!

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