Community Impact Projects

Area non-profit organizations and community groups are invited to submit a Request for Proposal to LNE for implementation as a Community Impact Project for both the Core and Junior Leadership Northeast programs. Core class members will select up to six (6) projects and Junior Leadership class members will select up to ten (10) projects to work on throughout the program year (September 2023 through April 2024).   

For nonprofit organizations and community groups, this invitation to submit an RFP presents an opportunity to use the services and commitment of a talented team of professionals or high school juniors from 16 school districts. The project teams consist of 8 to 10 program participants who dedicate their Leadership program year to the design and execution of these projects.

Projects must have a reasonable scope and budget and cannot include capital campaigns or raising large sums of money. They should be completed between the time frame of October, 2023 and May, 2024. There is no minimum fundraising requirement for Leadership participants, however Core program participants are restricted to raising no more than $5,000.00/project and Junior Leadership participants are restricted to raising no more than $3,000.00/project. In-Kind donations are not considered within that restriction.  The Class of 2024 will choose their projects in October 2023, but there is no guarantee your RFP will be chosen.

Please note that preference will be granted to organizations and community groups that were not project recipients in 2023. 

If you would like to submit an RFP for a Core project, please click here.

If you would like to submit an RFP for a Junior project, please click here.

It’s about the process…

The Community and School Impact project component of the Leadership Northeast experience is meant to serve several purposes. Classmates work together to design and execute a project that fulfills a community need. In doing so, participants utilize the leadership development skills they have learned throughout the year, while making a positive impact on their community.

Although Project Advisors provide guidance, these projects are participant-driven from beginning to end. Project groups brainstorm ideas at their first meeting and then work together to see it through.

Project groups are designed to make the process challenging. Participants must work through their differences of opinion, behavior and perspectives and find a common ground. Learning how to bring people together, despite these differences, in order accomplish something extraordinary is the true definition of Leadership.

Between the Core, Junior and Impact programs, Leadership Northeast participants complete upwards of 40 projects a year, collaborating with other nonprofits, schools, government and community organizations.  After 38 years in the business, the ripple effect of these projects is vast, and the lessons learned invaluable.

Click below to see what our current classes are up to, and browse the map below for a visual of how LNE’s alumni have worked to improve their community throughout the years.

LNE Alumni Directory

Anything is PAUsible: Assisting with the design and implementation of a working retail space in the Parenting Autism United (PAU) ‘PAU’sitively Unique Gift Shop that will be adapted for individuals with autism looking to obtain realistic work experience and become more independent

Arts & Harmony: Partnering with the Greater Wyoming Valley Area YMCA to renovate the third floor of the Charlotte L. Casterline Early Learning Center in order for the YMCA to provide quality care along with music and arts education for their students

Kirby Super Stars: Working with the Salvation Army Kirby House to provide families in transition the support and resources needed to grow and thrive

Pantry Raiders: Creating a personal care product pantry at the Hazleton Office of Maternal and Family Health Services (MFHS) which will allow MFHS clients to access supplies not commonly found at food pantries or offered by their other programs (such as feminine hygiene and general hygiene products)

The Snack Pack: Supporting the JCC Summer Camp Food Backpack Program by providing backpacks with fresh ingredients and nutritious food to children in the JCC Summer Day Camp

Whisker Warriors: Raising awareness for Rescue Warriors Cat Rescue in order to help generate funds and find loving homes for kittens currently in foster care

Art for Awareness: Spread awareness for sexual assault and domestic violence victims in our community through a commissioned mural and a social media campaign

Fostering Friendship: Raise awareness of kids in foster care through donations and activities

Happy Little Minds: Keep little minds happy by advocating for mental health through the use of art therapy

The Inclusion Crew: Raise awareness for and promote inclusion amongst children and teens with various disabilities

Skating for Support: Bring awareness to and support the needs of those in the foster care system by partnering with local foster organizations

Souper Heroes: Partner with St. Vincent De Paul Kitchen to address the dramatic rise in need for food in the Wilkes-Barre area

Sweetly United: Effectively raise awareness and funds for the creation of care packages designed for children facing pediatric cancer

Teens Helping Teens: Provide for impoverished teens through volunteer work, the collection of supplies, and quality time

Wizards of Wonder (W.o.W): Promote the development of wonder and imagination in the young minds of NEPA by encouraging and inspiring them with the power of books

How much of an impact has Leadership Northeast had on NEPA? Take a look at our interactive Project Map to see!

Points on a map