Program FAQ’s

What is Leadership Northeast?

LNE is a private, nonprofit organization that offers transformative programs in personal and professional development focusing on leadership skills, community awareness and networking. Leadership was founded in 1981 in response to the community’s need for a steady supply of leaders who are both familiar with the general structure of the community, its problems and issues, and are also capable of organization and directing the efforts of others. Our leaders are trained to strengthen and transform communities, and to ensure the progress of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

LNE’s diverse portfolio of six programs includes opportunities for motivated professionals, executives, high school students, college students, and education professionals from throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. We also offer consulting and training services in-house through our Professional Development.

Leadership Northeast is an opportunity to connect with your community, with servant leadership, with countless new friends, and more often than not, with yourself. Alumni from any one of our programs can attest to this connection, and remember the moments in which they were inspired to do more, be more, empowered to affect positive change, the moments when they reconnect with who they are and discover the best versions of themselves.

Who will be in my class?

Our leadership participants represent hundreds of different industries, schools, colleges and universities from throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Core program brings together current and emerging leaders of all ages representing a broad cross-section of the community from business, government, education, religions, the arts, ethnic and minority groups, service and community organizations. While class numbers vary from year to year, you can expect an average of 50-55 participants in your class.

What is the time commitment to participate in LNE?

The nine-month core program offers monthly sessions typically held on the first Thursday of the month from 8:30am to 5pm from September through May. The opening program is a mandatory two-day retreat. A commitment of personal time is also expected to work on projects that serve the community. Calendars are provided in the summer for your planning purposes.


What is the Community Impact Project?

The Community and School Impact project component of the Leadership Northeast experience requires participants to work together to design and execute a service project that fulfills a community need (usually in partnership with a local nonprofit). In doing so, participants utilize the leadership development skills they have learned throughout the year, while making a positive impact on their community.

Although Project Advisors provide guidance, these projects are participant-driven from beginning to end. Project groups brainstorm ideas at their first meeting and then work together to see it through to completion at the close of the program year.

Project groups are designed to make the process challenging. Participants must work through their differences of opinion, behavior and perspectives and find a common ground. Learning how to bring people together, despite these differences, in order accomplish something extraordinary is the true definition of Leadership.

What is the cost to participate in the Core program?

Investment structures for Leadership Northeast differ from program to program.

Core tuition is a flat rate of $2,000/year.

Do I pay out of pocket for my Leadership experience?

Employers often sponsor their employees to participate in Leadership Northeast program, but it is possible to be a self-funded participant. For Junior Leadership Northeast, schools pay the participation fee for their students.

Does Leadership Northeast provide transportation to programs?

For all Leadership Northeast programs, transportation is the responsibility of the participant. LNE does not provide transportation.

I am self-employed/unemployed. Can I still join a Leadership program?

Absolutely! The diversity of each Leadership class is carefully considered, and we welcome individuals in varying stages of their professional development.


How do I apply for Leadership Northeast?

Persons interested in being a member of the Leadership Northeast class should submit a completed application and $40 application fee to the Leadership Northeast office by the application deadline (normally April 15th). The Leadership Northeast Selection Committee reviews each application. Applicants will be notified in writing of their acceptance in May. Approximately 50 participants from various sectors of the community are selected. The diversity of each Leadership class is carefully considered. Given this facto and the limited class size, some highly qualified candidates are turned down each year. We encourage applicants to re-apply should they not be accepted the first time.


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