Executive Leadership Northeast

Executive Leadership Northeast (ELNE) began in 1985 as a community orientation program for key executives, professionals and their spouses who have either recently moved into Northeastern Pennsylvania, have recently moved into an executive position, or for those who would like to get re-acquainted with our community. ELNE is comprised of six evening sessions, held from 5pm to 8pm. Sessions are held at varying locations throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and include entertaining and informative presentations and question/answer periods on topics such as local history, recreation, political structure, educational opportunities, economic development, networking opportunities and more. Cocktails and a gourmet dinner are a wonderful part of each evening session. The cost of the program is $1,500, with spouses included at no additional cost.

Program Objectives:

1. To integrate relocated executives and professionals into the community and challenge them to become involved in community activities by providing:

– An overview of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s economic, political and civic structure
– An exposure to local cultural resources
– An introduction to a cross–section of community leaders

2. To provide the opportunity to interact with key local decision-makers and business leaders to discuss the area’s history, government, business environment, educational institutions, and cultural offerings

3. To provide networking opportunities for all participants

If you are interested in becoming a member of the ELNE class, please email the completed application to jessica@leadershipnortheast.org or contact the Leadership Northeast office at (570) 270-LEAD (5323).

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